Wofür gibt`s rewards? Was muss ich im Advent Event tun?

Started by Ballerschlumpf, 10.12.2022 12:54

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Engagement/Disengagement Rules:

Dealing or receiving damage makes you engaged. Depending on sight, distance and time since the last damage was dealt, timers work to see if you are still actively in combat or disengaged. The following rewards are new or follow a different system now:

Scouting: Be the first to spot a target. Do not engage.

Flanking: Move behind an enemy Mech without being targeted by it and without being engaged. Deal damage to the enemy Mech from behind (out of sight). Reward has a cool-down of 20 seconds.

Kill Most Damage: Compared to all other players, deal the most damage to a target. The target dies.

Killing Blow: Deal the killing shot to a target.

Solo Kill: Achieve both "Kill Most Damage" and "Killing Blow" for the same target.

Capture: Being inside of a base while the base re-aligns.

Brawler: Get a "Solo Kill" in between 0 and 450 meters distance to the target. Be in a medium or heavy 'Mech.

Lance Formation: All players of one lance are in a distance of 140 meters to each other. The whole lance is engaged. Reward occurs every 15 seconds if not interrupted.

Protected Light: Be in a light 'Mech. Stay close to a 'Mech that is at least 2 weight classes higher. Both are engaged. Reward occurs every 8 seconds.

Protected Medium: Be in a medium 'Mech. Stay close to a 'Mech that is at least 2 weight classes higher. Both are engaged. Reward occurs every 8 seconds.

Protect Proximity: Staying in a radius of 150 meters to a damaged friendly 'Mech (critical damage). Be engaged. Reward occurs every 10 seconds if not interrupted.

TAG Damage: TAG a target. Damage is dealt to that target while target is still TAGed. Reward is multiplied by the damage dealt in points. Reward is only shown on HUD once finished or interrupted (total number rewarded). Reward is only given if the target is tagged for at least 2 seconds. Reward is only given if the target takes at least 5 damage. The reward has a cooldown of 2 seconds. This timer resets to 2 seconds with every point of damage dealt. Once the timer reaches 0 all the accumulated reward is given to the player/shown on HUD. The reward is finished when: Tag is removed from the target. The target dies.

TAG Kill: The user is tagging the target. The target gets destroyed WHILE being TAGed.

Hit and Run: A hit and run "Score" is generated based off an engagement. Every point of damage dealt counts for 1 point of score. Every point of damage taken counts for -2 points of score. If score is greater than 10, you are awarded with a hit and run award. If the total damage taken during the engagement is greater than 15 the score is zeroed and no award is given.

First Capture: Player gets the capture collector reward for a previously uncaptured collector. Can only occur once per collector per match. Does not apply to starting bases that are already captured.

Stealth TAG: Player TAGs a target. Player stays out of the line of sight of any enemy. Player is rewarded every 6 seconds.

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