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Sean "Crashingmail" Yoshioka

LIVE - BATTLETECH Update 1.3, Flashpoint Expansion, and Localization Beta Release Notes
Geposted von Harebrained Schemes LLC (Projektgründer)
Welcome to BATTLETECH 1.3! This release contains a number of improvements and bug fixes, as well as some cool new features. We have also released the Flashpoint paid expansion and the Beta version of French, German, and Russian localizations.

1.3 HIGHLIGHTS: Career Mode, Revision to MechWarrior Abilities, Revisions to Reputation, Revision to Stores... See details in the "New Free Features & Content" section below.

BATTLETECH: Flashpoint expansion now available: Beyond adding over 30 hours of exciting Flashpoints (branching, multi-mission short stories) to BATTLETECH, this paid expansion comes complete with three new 'Mechs (including the highly anticipated Hatchetman), a challenging new mission type, and a new tropical biome for the biggest and most challenging BATTLETECH experience yet. Purchase the Season Pass to get a deal on Flashpoint plus the next two expansions!

Note for Paradox Plaza users: After purchase of the Flashpoint expansion, you will need to be logged in within the game in order to see Flashpoint content.

Localized Beta versions of the game: Localization is officially in Beta on Steam and GOG for all OS versions! Select the "public_beta_localization" branch to opt-in, then select German, Russian, or French in the in-game Settings menu. This Beta includes translated Flashpoint paid expansion content for owners of Flashpoint. We will continue to work on bug fixes (including updating any missing string translations), improving the quality of the translations, and updating this beta branch. We also look forward to hearing your feedback on the PDX Forum. Habe Spaß! Повеселись! S'amuser!

Localization known issues:
-- If you switch to a different language and it isn't showing up on screen, you may need to back out to the main menu so that the language pack can refresh.
--Subtitles may play quite fast in cinematics.
--Some text in labels, Career Mode, Flashpoints, and multiplayer may appear unlocalized.
--There may be some minor cosmetic issues with text formatting.
--The test language we used to develop our localization system is visible in the settings menu. It is strongly advised that you do not play the game with this enabled.
--There is no noun declension in procedurally generated contracts.

Linux Beta update: The Linux Beta along with fixes and updates has been integrated with the main game version and is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble!

Linux known issues:
--The game must have write access to the installation directory. If you get infinite loading screens on launch or when starting a new game make sure the directory is writable: sudo chmod -R 777 BattleTech_Data
--Non-English Linux systems may experience infinite loading screens. Please opt-in to the Localized Beta (below) or use the launch option work-around: LC_ALL=C

We hope you enjoy our latest BATTLETECH releases! 

-- HBS

IMPORTANT: Additional note for players who mod various game files... Reminder that modding is not officially supported. If you have saved a game with any mod active, that saved game will not work after an update has been applied unless you replace all modded files exactly as they were when the save game file was created. Saved games require the exact same data state in order to function properly.

As always, if you experience further issues please contact Customer Support at: https://support.paradoxplaza.com

New Free Features & Content

All-new Career Mode - Career Mode challenges you to begin the game with the Argo in a random system, with a random group of MechWarriors, with no story missions to rely on for big payouts. Wander the Periphery taking contracts (and Flashpoints, if you own Flashpoint!) and manage and grow your mercenary company to earn a final score. Career mode is played in Ironman mode by default, so it is also possible to "lose" this mode unrecoverably. (But Ironman mode can be disabled, and all the same granular difficulty settings from the campaign can also be adjusted in Career Mode.)

Revamped MechWarrior abilities - We heard a bunch of feedback about the Bulwark ability and how you HAD to take it to finish the campaign and it got us thinking... and then revising Bulwark... and realizing that we should just rebalance the whole dang set of abilities. Then we put it out as an opt-in Beta and got some great feedback - thanks! We've been working on it ever since and we've released the revised abilities in 1.3. You can read the complete details in this forum post. The first time you load any game session after updating to 1.3, you'll see a popup informing you that all of your MechWarrior skills have been refunded, so that you can review the new abilities and respec accordingly. 

Revisions to the Reputation System - We've increased the rate at which reputation rises and falls so you can really feel the effects of your actions. When you reach the maximum possible reputation with a faction, you become eligible for an Alliance. By entering into an Alliance, you mark yourself an ally of that faction - and an enemy of that faction's enemies.

Faction stores - In addition to making higher difficulty contracts and salvage available, Alliances also allow you to access faction-specific stores containing items you might not find anywhere else.

Black Market stores - If you play your cards right, criminal elements will allow you to buy access to the Black Market, where you'll find some equipment that fell off a transport...

New Events - including cameos from two Legendary MechWarriors (these were part of our "social sharing" Backer reward from the Kickstarter, and we expect the other two cameos to make it into the next free update.)

New mercenary contracts - now you can take jobs from Pirates!

New inventory items - including rare LosTech from before the fall of the Star League!

New Achievements - 19 new mercenary and story achievements have been added to the campaign and career modes!

You'll find more improvements and the full release notes at this forum post.

And, finally, we're excited to share that our friends at Catalyst Game Labs will be releasing a new House Arano sourcebook with contributions from Kiva and Andrew on March 1st - be sure to check it out when it lands!
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