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Started by Valpone, 04.04.2018 09:26

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Hi all,

Valpone her (James), regular mwo player, wanting to join I'm in the Uk I play most weekends. I also play battletech table top and other miniature games. I'm tier 5 and have a wide range of mechs



Onai "Oni" Tekimata

Konnichiha Valpone-san,
Thank your for considering us. We are happy for every true Warrior of the dragon and we will review your application on sunday at our HQ-meeting. Till then please join us on our TS-server no Password. Our regular fighting nights are wednesdays, thursdays and sundays at 2000 CEST.

We are looking forward to fighting with you!

Chu-sa Onai Tekimata, Web: 36th Dieron Regulars, Facebook: 36th Dieron Regulars DCMS
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Thank you, I've logged on to team speak client too...

Sean "Crashingmail" Yoshioka

If you don't see anybody there, just wait. Somebody with rights will contact you there

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Jonas "Warschnuffel" Maltex

Ah, you found it! :) Welcome!

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

Welcome, you should have a unit invite pending :)
Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

John MacAllister