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Started by Gunnilingus, 31.03.2018 07:54

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Greetings Honored Mechwarriors,

I am a regular player from Phoenix, AZ  USA. I have been playing MWO since closed beta, but have never been part of a unit. Community Warfare has been fun but frustrating, as coordinating is difficult as a ronin. I am available to play on the normal days at the times this unit drops. Thank you for consideration of my application, and i hope to fight with the 36th Dieron Regulars for the honor of the Dragon.


Onai "Oni" Tekimata

Konnichi-ha Gunnilingus-san,
Many thanks for your application. Please take note that our next regular HQ-meeting - where applications are beeing reviewed - is sunday next week. Most of us are hunting rabbits this weekend  :mrgreen:
But you can allways join in on our TS server and play with the guys that are online. A good ronin is allways welcome when we fight for the dragon!

We are looking forward to droping with you!
Till then happy eastern!

And of course: BANZAI!!!

Chu-sa Onai Tekimata, Web: 36th Dieron Regulars, Facebook: 36th Dieron Regulars DCMS
"wisdom is your best weapon"

Jonas "Warschnuffel" Maltex

That would be so great, i remember we dropped with you some month ago and everybody was loving your nickname! :D

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga


I remember dropping with you some time and fully support this application.
Drop on our TS (see main page TS window and click on it) and join our groups.

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

John MacAllister