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Started by Ch1r0n, 29.10.2020 19:43

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Hello all, Been playing MWO since official drop, took a break and am just starting to return. I have a good assortment of mechs, one for any need. I am most happy sitting in the backline dropping missiles into enemies from a no touchy distance. I'm American, EST, can speak a small amount of German and would love to learn more. The names pronounced K I ron, but you can shorten it to just Chi (K I). I hope to see you around and join you on the battlefield for the Glory of the Dragon.
If we don't make it alive, its a Helluva good day to die.

Onai "Oni" Tekimata

Welcome Ch1r0n-san,
We are looking forward to dropping with you!!!

Chu-sa Onai Tekimata, Web: 36th Dieron Regulars, Facebook: 36th Dieron Regulars DCMS
"wisdom is your best weapon"