Third Expansion: Heavy Metal

Started by Carl Nilfgaard, 19.10.2019 16:47

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Carl Nilfgaard

Onai "Oni" Tekimata


Looking good!!! An for the new Bullshark Mech for and from Harebrained Schemes look here:

A 95t Mech with a Thumper Artillery Cannon.
Not the first Mech to have such a big weapon but this one seems to have a lot of firepower to back it up  8-|

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Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

Hm. There won't be much space for Engine and Armor left, judging the weaponry and ammunition... And the design itself looks an awful lot like claninspired IS-rework. Not sure about that, concerning this is a 3025-3030-setting. But: We get Warhammers, Archers, Riflemen and the fucking Annihilator, so that evens it out. Booyaah! ^_^

Carl Nilfgaard

Uhhhh I just saw in the PDXCON-Vid... they put in new Weapon-Systems like Infernos etc. and Flashpoint-Campaigns ... like several Flashpoints linking together... nice one. Aaaaand we get official Mod support with the patch that comes on November 21. :D

Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

The Warhammer AND the Marauder will be included.

I don't know why they are not in the trailer, but as far as I know they are both part of the add-on.

The new mech, I don't care basically. New mechs appear from time to time.
I am much more concerned about the tech update HBS teased during the short screen sequence.
It looks like they want to push the timeline to the clan invasion early on, which would be a shame.
The 4th Succession War is so underrated in BT video games.


Icke C (Dennis)


QuoteWelche neuen Mechs genau dazukommen, wurde zwar nicht gesagt, allerdings tauchen folgende Modelle als Liste im Trailer auf:

- FLE-15 Flea (20 Tonnen)
- VL-2T Vulcan (40 Tonnen)
- ASN-21 Assassin (40 Tonnen)
- PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk (45 Tonnen)
- RFL-3N Rifleman (60 Tonnen)
- ARC-2R Archer (70 Tonnen)
- ANH-1A Annihilator (100 Tonnen)

Der achte Mech ist noch unbekannt, soll aber ein fürs Spiel exklusives Design bieten und etwa 90 Tonnen wiegen. Zu den neuen Waffen gehört auch ein Mörser, der als erste Waffe im Spiel einen größeren Radius mitbringt. Neu ist auch der Coil Beam, dessen stärke sich daran bemisst, wie viel Strecke der Mech vorher zurückgelegt hat.