Update zum Projekt Nr. 53: BATTLETECH - Tactical 'Mech Combat Returns to the PC. von Harebrained Sch

Started by Onai "Oni" Tekimata, 06.06.2018 07:50

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Onai "Oni" Tekimata

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Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

I don't have audio at the moment.

Can someone give a quick summary what is being said?


Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

HBS is evolving from a 100% independent studio to an paradox-affiliated studio, meaning paradox will be their publisher for every title etc to come. HBS is very happy about it, because this way they can still make the games they want, but don't need to put so much effort in marketing and fundraising.

Community is quite divided about this. Some are mourning the Shadowrun-titles, other see the big paradox-DLC-machinery coming and even others hate Paradox for being a publisher. On the positive side are comments which line out, that paradox has a lot of experience working with independent studios (very good examples as well as bad ones) and keeping long time support for their titles up.

damn, Onai being faster as always  :mrgreen:

Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

Thanks to both of you.

As a person with a basically optimistic personality, I think this is a good and foremost smart move. If HBS would be bought by EA or Ubisoft, I think our beloved IPs would be in trouble (again!). But this way BattleTech and Shadowrun do have a good chance to evolve. Especially because Paradox is a bit more powerful to withstand the Harmony Golds of this world.

By the way, I don't mind DLC. To be honest, I like them. Buying little stuff with small money for my hobby from time to time ... it feels good.

Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

Yep. Especially because the Paradox-DLCs mostly offered real additions to a already fully playable game. It didn't just "milk the cashcow".