Battletech - BWO - Mitspieler gesucht! / Training Partners wanted

Started by Dodger "Ikokujin" Riggs, 08.05.2018 01:09

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Dodger "Ikokujin" Riggs

Ok guys. I am a big fan of that game (no wonders) and i want to do training sessions in multiplayer. Goal is to know the maps and get used to skills Pilots and Mechs.

What i practice for? Well theres the BWO league. They have an event running and i want to form up a team for it. Any interesred people may contact me asap.

Thanks for reading

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Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

HBS' Battletech? Team? BWO?

I don't get it. It's just 1on1 in MP Skirmish, isn't it? Where ist the team aspect in this?

Just curious.


Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

I think it is more a team like in "Player XYZ fighting for Team ABC", is it?

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

Dodger "Ikokujin" Riggs That is the Hopmepage for the BWO. just read it and you will understand :) First season has just been started.  :fies: