HBS: Battletech - Honest Man Competition !!!

Started by Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura, 24.04.2018 11:55

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Nanashi "Solothkar" no Gonbei

Which is why save and load is important in RNG heavy games. The "Honest Man" is the stupid bugger that starts over and over again because of bad luck.
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Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

Thank you, Solo, for calling me and several others "stupid bugger". You could try this face to face with me.

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Nanashi "Solothkar" no Gonbei

Not talking about real strategy or sdkill games, this game reliers heavily on the random number generators and they are still broken in PCs. The honest man challenge would make sense without such high luck (to hit, location, enemy movement) built into the game. And this applies to those starting over and over and over again instead of saving because such freak numbers can and will occur in such games.

You can do everything right and each time get hit in the head even when you observe all useful tactics and the enemy has just a 10% hit chance killing your lance off each mission.
Which is why I am resorting to reasonable save games instead "loading every turn if something did not go perfect". But not loading a save game once a freak incident appeared just makes no sense to me at all. And on the second note, this game is not bug free. That adds a different factor to the proposed "no loading" idea. But this is just my opinion. People can drive nails through their noses as far as I care. As long as they are happy that is fine with me.

P.S.: been playing too much FTL to realize this is not a useful "competition".
P.P.S.: I have not called any specific people anything, but people tend to put on the shoes that fit.
urusai - wakarimasen - doke!

Jeder ist vor dem Gesetz gleich. Das Nähere regeln Ausländergesetz, Parteibuch, Geschlecht, Alter und Dienstgrad.
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Yoshi "FlynnTheAvatar" Abe

No, that your pilots are killed is not the balance issue with this game. You really do not need to restart or reload; you can easily recover even if all three of your MechWarriors are killed. That part did Harebrained Schemes right.

My issue is that the missions suddenly get a LOT harder. Not immediately after a story mission, but between them. As I said, the last mission where I gave up is not winnable without heavy mechs. And it seems there is no way to get Heavies outside the story missions. If you do not manage to get either of the two Heavies in the story missions, you will fail.

And I am out of the competition. I restarted the campaign and was not able the salvage the first Heavy. I will retry until I get it.

Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

I think the basic problem is the steadily rising MRB-level of everyones unit. I think around a Rating of 60ish to 70ish you start to frequently encounter Mediums and around about 80ish (all numbers are rather wild guesses) there will also be Heavies on the field (I did encounter a Dragon and a Qucikdraw in seperate random-missions). This is a problem, as you are naturally limited to Mediums at this point, because it is highly unlikely that you have salvaged even a new medium Mech by this time. But in most cases, those situations were possible to solve, because I heavily relied on Jump Jets, focus fire and my Pilots special-abilites (god bless the Sensor Lock!). Of course I exclude the one case of base defence against an outfit of Strikers+LRM-carriers supported by two Hunchies and two Spiders. Yes, I confess, I reloaded this one and took another contract.  :roll:

But be this as it may: Yesterday the first patch went live. It contained mostly performance issues.

The Roadmap looks promising nevertheless: In the near future they want to cap some of the difficulty spikes and make things a bit less time consuming, while on the long run they plan addons. Source: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/battletech/posts/2177649

So keep on rocking. Everything will get a little less frustrating :ok:

Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

Please back to topic: Honest Man Competition

If you wanna praise or criticize the game, do it here:

Beware: Spoiler ahead!!!

I had a plot stopper two days ago during my 2nd try of Honest Man. My complete lance was wiped out during the story mission, where you have to secure the ammo crates. One Jaegermech + 3 Mediums was a bad setup for this. All died, including myself.

So I was forced to replay the mission and change the setup drastically. I put my scout pilot Medusa into a Jenner-F and the rest were pilioting mediums. I switched from the original Shadow Hawk to a Trebuchet-5N and my pilot Storyteller took the Griffin-1N instead of the Jaegermech. Only Glitch remained in the Yen-lo-wang.

I altered my battleplan accordingly:

Instead of confronting the enemy mechs directly from the ridge next to the dropzone, I moved my mechs clockwise - using the Jenner-F as the spearhead. So I took out all of the 4 turrets with the 4 medium lasers of the Jenner and supported my light with LRMs, when one of the meds missed its target.
The opposing lights were following me and I killed them with aimed shots of the YLW and sometimes with fire support from the Trebuchet. After a while only 4 enemy mechs were left, which I surrounded from all sides. Using LRMs, PPC shots from the rear and surpires attacks with my Jenner as the last iniative unit going in and the first one going out in the next round. This way I managed to kill all the opponents with my stock mechs and low tonnage without own loss.

I didn't save during the mission. So if I would have lost any mechs or pilots, so be it. Only with a complete failure I would have been forced to restart again.

I really love this way to play, because it forces you to think of a tactical approach which grants you success. It's been a crazy match and I was totally thrilled in the end. :-)

Hatake "Storyteller" Matsumura

Warning, (minor) spoilers ahead!

I just got though the SLDF cache story mission and it's been a blast! Never had so much fun piloting assaults, in any BT game. They really felt like the awesome war machines they are supposed to be.

Anyhow, so far I get along with my Honest Man Competition. I had to reload twice, because my company got once bancrupt (you already know) and once my complete lance has been wiped out during a failed story mission - no chance to go over this.

But the rest, I have dead pilots (Dekker) and even a lost and some very costly random missions. Playing with stockmechs isn't even nearly easy, especially when your sole heavy Battlemechs are a Dragon-1N and a Jaegermech-S. You have to think twice every mission and play very carefully, using the skills and the initiative to their full potential.

I put a lot of weight to survivabilty of the pilots (guts and med station) and trained a complete lance of pilots as replacements including mechs. This way I am able to swap easily, if one of my veterans is out of action for a longer time period. Even if one of em dies, I know do have a nearly 90% replacement. To reach this goal, I did easier missions with at least two of the rookies and I upgraded the training pods on the argo to level 3.

Now I own a Highlander as my command mech, supported by a Black Knight (Behemoth), Catapult-K2 (Glitch) and Grasshopper / Wolverine (Medusa). Most pilot skills range from 7-8 and so it's a force to be reckoned with. A lance I am proud of.

Looking forward to hear from you and your progress.


Dodger "Ikokujin" Riggs

So playing "honest" sounds good. If i can tweak the armor of my mexhs and modify em slightly (modules and armor)

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