Egg Volcano Recipie

Started by Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga, 16.05.2017 19:08

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Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga

Take the amount of eggs you want to make :)

You need additionally:
3:1 mix of Soy Sauce and Mirim (if you do not have Mirim Soy Sauce alone works)
a little salt
a little chive (Schnittlauch)
optional: a little grind ginger
Bowl of Cooked Rice

Prepare 2 hours in advance:
separate the egg yolk from the egg white.
put the egg yolk into the mix or Soy Sauce and Mirim and put in fridge for about 2 hours. (You can prepare the day before, but the egg yolk will be more "matured". I actually do it 48 hours)

Cook rice for rice bowl.
But egg whites into a caserole and whip the egg whites to beaten egg white (Ei Schnee).
Heat Oven to 180°C, put egg whites on a backing paper and form it so there is a nice crater/caldera in the middle of your egg white. (The yolk should fit in there, so size about table spoon size), put the egg yolk into the crater. Bake the egg white until golden brown, this should be fast 5min tops.

Serve on top of bowl or rice or Euro style on top of toast (as shown in pic below).
Put little salt, pepper and chive on top, optional ginger and soy sauce.

Have fun!

Hoshi "Terry" Toranaga