new weapons incoming!

Started by NachtWerk, 14.01.2017 10:46

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QuoteThe time has come for a new era of 'Mech warfare.

This March, we will be detailing the mid-summer release of new Inner Sphere and Clan weaponry and equipment for MechWarrior Online. The timeline is advancing, and with it comes not only a new array of potential weapons and equipment technology with which to customize your existing 'Mechs, but the potential for an array of new and remarkable 'Mechs to pilot and customize.

Coinciding with the early March announcement of these new technologies, four new 'Mechs will be announced and launched for pre-order to herald this new era. The Inner Sphere and Clans will both be receiving two 'Mechs, with at least one of their two respective 'Mechs hailing from the 3060+ era.

While these 'Mechs and new technologies will be released simultaneously in the summer, the technologies are not reliant or restricted to the new 'Mechs. Upon release, the MechLab will simply be expanded with new weapons, new equipment, and new opportunities for customization.

These new technologies will no doubt represent a big step forward in build diversity and gameplay, and it must be stressed that we are committed to ensuring that the introduction of these new technologies doesn't upend or undo the work that has gone into the current state of balance.
While it remains to be seen how this timeline advancement will impact Faction Play and its current layout, we'll evaluate and discuss its potential impacts with you as we approach closer to release.

We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse of what's coming for MechWarrior Online, and as usual, the items above are only a selection of things you can expect to see in 2017.
The year is shaping up to include more waves of quality-of-life improvements and refinements, along with additional features and items currently in the planning and design phase; so stay tuned MechWarriors.

Shin'ichi "K4t0o" Takeda

Beim Lesen der Roadmap bin ich hierüber gestolpert:
(2. Hälfte Incursion/Assault)
und dann hierrüber:
(möglicher neuer Skilltree).

Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

Nice. I'm really excited about the changes in the skill-system. This will somewhat alter the meta in some mechs...  :ok:


Hope we'll get refund for all the modules that will be removed...

Hachirou "Phidias86" Girisha

I remember reading somewhere that they will transfer already spent XP and GXP into "lore-XP" for open spending on the new skills and that all c-bills spent on modules will be refunded. I think it was in the "end of year"-resume in december or something like that...

Yuudai "Yoogiibear" Kuma

That is right, I found it here:

All past Module purchases will be refunded to you in whole, and all GXP and 'Mech XP spent on Skill or Module unlocks will be carried over as 'Legacy GXP', to be used at-will for unlocking new nodes in the revamped Skill Tree system for any variant.

In the video is given "FULL RE-SPECABILITY" at minute 2:00. Does this mean you can change back your skill tree selection of a 'Mech?
And perhaps one gets 'Legacy XP' refunded that one can use for an other 'Mech? It is more my hope than a speculation   :floet:
They wrote: "..we'll be issuing a dedicated Skill Tree post sometime next week (week of January 16th)".

Shin'ichi "K4t0o" Takeda

So, that's alreadsy tomorrow. I am really happy that they will give us detailled information. I hope PGI is doing it the right way. Anyway, playing without quirks means, that probably more variants are interesting as before.

Yesterday, one of us on TS was saying that they'll change the way you can purchase mechs. And that it'll be more expensive afterwards. Can someone add some details?